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D's Smoked Nuts, In a Nutshell

Seasoned and SMOKED almonds, walnuts, pecans and cashews

Over the past 10 years I have become a wellness enthusiast. While doing my research, I discovered wellness is mostly optimized via the food you ingest. Early on in my wellness journey, I became a fan of mixed nuts. As I continued to educate myself by listening to podcasts and reading books, I learned that a large majority of mixed nuts purchased at the store might be degrading my health. This is due in part to the high temperatures the nuts are roasted at, inflammatory oxidized polyunsaturated oils used to coat the nuts and possible rancidity due to sitting on the shelf for long periods of time.


As my quest for healthy living progressed I started to dabble in the culinary arts. I soon discovered you could buy raw nuts, coat them with a bit of avocado oil, add a few spices, roast them at a low temperature in the oven and WHAMMY, you have an end product that is far superior in taste and nutritional value to the store-bought version.

As my culinary interests and skills expanded, I decided to buy a smoker in 2016. I quickly found myself experimenting with foods that I had previously baked, steamed, sautéed or grilled. One of my most successful experiments was smoking nuts. After I tasted them for the first time, my taste buds did a triple axel followed by a back flip! I started giving my smoked nuts to friends and family as birthday and Christmas gifts. The recipients always stated how the smoked nuts gave their palate a PUNCH, and I should consider selling them. That is what led to D’s Smoked Nuts.


Hey folks!!


I'm all smoked out for 2019. Thank you all so much for visiting me at Falls Park Farmers Market. Also, thank you for all of the positive feedback you have provided! I love watching folks enjoy SMOKED NUTS! I hope you all have a great rest of 2019! If you have a special request, contact details are below.


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